New Year’s Update

Happy New Year!

Question #1: Are you having issues snacking at the time you don’t want to?

Speaking from experience I can tell that if you brush, floss, and use mouthwash, guarantee you are not going to want to snack like you did before. Your mouth is fresh, it’s clean, and who wants to mess with that?? Plus you’ll be doing yourself a great benefit of keeping your teeth clean and possibly saving you money on dental expenses. Just brush your teeth more =)

Question #2: Do you, or someone you know, have a Stubborn Pimple you want to get rid of but cant??

Again this can be very frustrating. I don’t like pimples, it makes me feel less confident. Aside from using the UNBLEMISH REGIMEN to keep my Acne under control, I use Campho-Phenique on my pimple. Believe it or not this really works! I put a little on my finger and then dab it on my pimple and go to sleep. The next morning it’s not as red and inflamed. Campo-Phenique is a pain, itch relieving antiseptic liquid for insect bites, scrapes, and minor burns. I was at the gym about two years ago before I was using the UNBLEMISH REGIMEN and an older lady came up to me to tell me about it.  Thank goodness my skin is clear and no one has said anything to me since then =)

Question #3: Ever find yourself asking… Why is my skin acting like a teenager when I am way past that age?

Believe it or not you could be one of 16 million people who suffer from Rosacea. These bumps and blemishes could resemble Acne but in fact is Rosacea. It can get worse over time if not taken care of. The SOOTHE REGIMEN is created by two of the most well known Dermatologists in this country. Patients see results immediately after following the three step regimen. Redness is reduced and it calms the skin, helps trigger inflammation, helps fortify the skins natural moisture barrier, and helps you have a healthy looking complexion. Every day! *:-)/\:-) high five

Click here for more details about SOOTHE REGIMEN

So there are 3 questions that some of us may be asking ourselves and I hope to help out somebody with this information. Next month I’ll send out an email about why some people can be loosing their hair and what we can do about it. So stay tuned!


Interested about WRINKLES??

1. Get your beauty sleep…on your back. Over time, a nightly face plant into your pillow will cause those pillow creases to become permanently etched into your skin. Train yourself to get off your side and sleep on your back.

2. No smoking, or quit if you do. It makes you look a decade older than you actually are. Smoking breaks down collagen, impairs wound healing and restricts blood vessels, resulting in sagging, sallow and course skin.

3. Don’t drink from a straw. The puckering associated with drinking from a straw has been observed to increase wrinkling around the lips.

4. Keep those eyes covered. Sunglasses are a must, everyday, no matter how cloudy it is. (I used polarized glasses to protect my eyes. Everything looks better and I know my eyes are more protected) WE ARE LIVING LONGER PEOPLE!! SO THAT MEANS WE’LL BE IN OUR SKIN FOR MORE YEARS. LETS TAKE CARE OF IT. 


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