After Work-Out Snack

So today, after my workout, here is the type of protein shake that I made.

  1. Half a glass of Almond Milk
  2. Half a glass of Water
  3. One scoop of Protein Powder
  4. One teaspoon of Fiber
  5. Half a banana
  6. Little squirt of Chocolate Syrup
  7. … and an Ice Cube

Blend it all in a blender… And if you’re too lazy to clean the blender I have a protein shaker. I put half OJ and half water, and a scoop of Protein Powder and Fiber, then just shake it up and drink it. This is a perfect time to take whatever vitamins or pills you need to take.

So let me break this down

  • I use Almond Milk but you can use whatever you want. I use Almond Milk because Almonds are fat releasers. So I thought if I mix that with my protein after a work-out … Wow! Double Whammy.
  • You don’t have to put water, I just put water because it’s lighter with less calories. But feel free to use a whole glass of whatever you want. I’m going for the lean, fit, look.
  • I use All Natural Whey Fit Protein. I know that it still comes from cows so you can use whatever protein you want, but all natural means that this protein doesn’t come from cows who are treated with RBGH (that growth hormone). I used to take Soy Protein but I do a lot better with Whey.. Soy has Estrogen and I was kinda emotional and not so lean, as I am since I made the switch.                           I’M AN ANIMAL! HA j/k     Use whatever protein you prefer.
  • Let’s see…. Fiber. I use fiber because it cleans out our intestines and our colon. Meat (chicken, steak, beef, whatever) sticks to your colon, and eventually, builds up bacteria. This is kinda the reason why, I think, people say that meat causes cancer. I can understand their viewpoint. Fiber is very good for our health, and if you’re not a vegetarian you should be taking some fiber. I try to eat meat once a week. It does have some good benefits as well. Stay tuned for the next post about the affect that meat has on hair loss, or less hair loss for that matter.
  •  Ok half a banana?? I just put this because a banana makes every protein shake taste better =) I like the subtle sweetness it brings to the flavor.
  • AND LET’S NOT FORGET THE CHOCOLATE SYRUP!! This is strictly for the flavor. Feel free to put peanut butter also to make it taste good. I put a little bit. Not a lot…. this should, by no means, be a chocolate protein shake. JUST A GOOD PROTEIN SHAKE
  • Finally an Ice Cube to make it nice and cool.

Here’s what I use. But you can use whatever you like. Everyone is different. Over the years I found this to be most beneficial for my body.




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