Hair Loss

The last post I made about an After Work Out Snack I mentioned for us to stay tuned on what the affect of eating meat has on hair loss.

First of all I’m a Readers Digest subscriber. I absolutely love those little magazines I can bring with me anywhere. I read an article about how some vegetarians experience hair loss.  A reason that could be a factor is because meat provides our bodies with protein and nutrients that we would not be getting otherwise, and as a result, this can affect hair growth.  So depending on your diet it’s important that vegetarians take into consideration what vitamins or nutrients they are lacking, and to replace them with supplements or with another form of food intake.

Because I enjoy a good piece of meat once a week I think it’s very important to include Fiber in my diet.  Fiber cleans our intestines and colon, and eating meat has been known to cause cancer. By taking fiber we can be better sure that our system is getting cleaned out and preventing bacteria buildup caused by eating meat.

Everyone is different and whatever our diet is we need to accommodate our own needs.


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