Quick Intense Workout

So this workout is about 10 minutes. Before I started this workout I jogged around a grassy field to build up some heat and get myself ready. I always stretch before I do any workout to warm up my muscles and prevent injury. I used to be a dancer for eight years and a gymnast, so  stretching is key to maintaining muscle health.  I speak from experience.  Also when our muscles get tight (pumped up) we build Lactic Acid, so when we stretch, we are loosening up that Acid and breaking it down. Keep your muscles lean and toned.

Now I am ready to get down and dirty:

  1. First start off by doing Squats                 Do however many you can for 20 seconds (go all the way down until your thighs are parallel to the ground)  Down-up, down-up,  after 20 seconds REST for 10 seconds. Then start over with squats for another 20 seconds and rest again for 10 seconds. Make sure you keep a timer handy so you know when to stop and finish. And stick with it! Don’t stop the timer process.  Do this exercise until you did four rounds of squats and resting. 
  2. Next you’re going to do Burpees.           For 20 seconds you’re going to do however many burpees you can do and then you’ll rest for 10 seconds.  Again you will do this for four rounds of burpees (for 20 seconds) and resting (for 10 seconds).  How to do a Burpee?? Start standing up, come down put your hands on the floor and jump back with your feet, so you are now in plank position, lower yourself down into push up position, hop your feet up to your hands, stand up and jump with your arms above your head. Then do it again for the full 20 seconds.
  3. Now you’ll do Knees to Elbows.            This works your abs.  The timing is the same (20 seconds for as many you can do and  rest for 10 seconds, and do it again for 20 seconds, until you’ve done four rounds of the same exercise) Standing up bend your elbows at a 90 degree angle with palms facing forward, bring your right knee up and twist your torso to touch your left elbow to your right knee.  Keep your torso tight and you will begin to feel the burn.
  4. Lastly you’ll do Suicide Runs. Yes you are now at the end of the workout and you should be pretty tired. This is the last punch to the finish line. For twenty seconds you’re going to sprint 30 feet, touch the ground, run back for 30 feet touch the ground, and do this again for 20 seconds. Rest 10 seconds. Do it again until you did this exercise for a total of four rounds.

Before I started this workout I set up my water bottle 30 feet away from me,  so I would know where to run to when I got to number four. I did this exercise at a local park near where I live. I brought my jump rope to include more cardio and of course added a few more exercises after this.  It’s pretty intense but it feels amazing.  I been working out my entire life so I speak from experience.


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