Earlier I posted a fiber snack I ate with a photo. The reason why I posted that is because we all need to include more fiber and whole grains in our diet.

One of the reasons why vegans don’t eat meat is because meat causes cancer. There’s been several studies done saying that too much meat can cause an increased risk of cancer. I read this in Readers Digest and my Vegan friends rave about it.

And that is why fiber is so important. Veggies, fruits, and whole grains move through our digestive system faster. However meat sits in our system longer and can, over time, form bacteria in our intestines and Colon. Fiber acts as a sponge. As fiber moves through our digestive system, our intestines, and lastly our colon, bacteria and left over meat will stick to the fiber and come out with our regular bowel movements. By increasing your daily intake of fiber and whole grains you can be sure to have regularity.

You should go at least once a day, and if you are not, and you are not a vegetarian, then I suggest you increase your daily fiber intake.

I’m not a vegetarian but I do limit my intake of meat to once a week. There’s also been studies of eating a piece of red meat once a week can actually decrease your risk of certain cancers.

So here we hear all these different ideas and l like to follow my knowledge and also my motto everything in moderation. Getting my proper nutrition, having regularity, and eating meat once a week I feel is a good benchmark for me.

Sharing the knowledge! You know what’s best for your body. You know your family genetics, so pick what is good for you and live a healthy lifestyle.

Psyllium Husks comes in different forms of powder and caplets. Psyllium is the most purest form of fiber


Here you can see the fiber devouring any leftover waste or bacteria.



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  1. Heywood Jablome says:

    Please prove that meat causes cancer. What are your sources? Reader’s Digest is not a valid source.

    The purpose of fiber is to be a substrate for beneficial bacteria. Fiber allows sugars to be moved to the small intestines where it is consumed by beneficial bacteria. If said sugar is not consumed by these beneficial bacteria then the sugar is converted to fat.

    Try seeds, fruit (in moderation), and vegetables for fiber sources. Psyllium should be avoided. Perform due diligence.

    1. ShellyLip says:

      Hi thank you for your comment and input. I will look into more valuable sources 🙂

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