Work-Out Today

So today I went to LA Fitness and did a jump rope workout in the group fitness area because it was open.


I used my IPod stopwatch to keep track of how long my cardio session will be. I usually do 30 min but when I jump rope I mix in other exercises in between so I can catch my breath. Generally i’ll jump rope to one song and exercise after, jump rope again, and so on.

In between jump roping I would do squats in place for 20 seconds and then jump rope again. After doing that for about two rounds I then started to do leg lunges across the floor. My first time across just straight leg lunges, and then when I was coming back, I would slightly step my foot out either to the right or left to lunge. It works out different muscles.

I also did abs, by laying on a Matt and raising my legs, up and down (20 of them) My neck was a little sore so I didn’t want to do regular ab crunches.

I also had an eight pound dum-bell to incorporate some biceps and triceps. This picture is a little blurry but I was camera shy a the gym and I couldn’t get a clear picture without shaking my hand.


Of course this work out was a little intense and hard core, but remember everything is at your own pace. Starting off with jump roping and exercises for 20 minutes is a good start. It’s a great full body workout. That’s where I started. Once your motivated to go harder, you’ll want to go to gym and show off your skills!

The next time I have a work out partner I’ll have them take a video of me so I can show you my skills. You’ll see why I don’t get bored.

and did you know Michelle Obama jump ropes every day for 20-30 minutes. She looks great!

Jump roping for just ten minutes is like running for 30 minutes.

And let me tell you… I’m sweating after! Once you get used to it you can keep going and going. I went through three jump ropes before finding the right one. I currently use the rubber speed jump rope. And I purchased it at Big 5 for about $10.

So try jump roping for your next sweat! You’ll fall in love … Promise


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  1. shellylip says:

    Thank you! 🙂 were you interested in more postings?

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