How did I forget that?

You ever walk into a room and forget what you were going to get? You knew what you had to get when you were in the living room but then when you got to the bedroom, you completely forgot what it was. So then what?? You walk back into the living room and it came back to you! Ha! It’s so crazy how this works and it happens to me all the time. As a mater of fact just now.

I was reading somewhere that our memory remains in one room and then when we leave the room it sends a signal saying that we are leaving that room for a new room. As a result we tend to forget what we were thinking about in the previous room. So we usually end up going back to that previous room hoping to catch what we forgot. It’s a psychological effect.

I don’t know about you but I always forget. I have dry erase markers in every room, pretty much, so I can write my thoughts down on the mirrors. Some are good and some I just erase.

Does this happen to you to?


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