Hair Treatment

I just did the best deep conditioning treatment on my hair. Wow. Ok you have to try this.

First here goes my story. My friend highlighted my hair, toned it, then it was too orange so she stripped it and toned it again. Ok first of all peeps, think of stripping your hair like a Kleenex tissue. It’s got two layers so you strip your hair, you remove one of the layers.

So because of that I can’t color my hair. It would be too dry looking and I def don’t want dry hair. I have shiny, healthy hair. So now I have to grow it out. Anyway, here is my deep conditioning treatment I did tonight at home.

First I shampooed my color with color-treating shampoo. It tends to have more moisturizers in there to protect colored hair.

I then towel dried my hair and applied this conditioner


I left it on probably for about 10 minutes. While it was in my hair I wet a towel and put it in the microwave for 40 seconds and lay it over my head. I do it again. It totally moisturizes and heats up my hair. After 10 minutes I rinse my hair out and spray this stuff in.


Wow my hair is so soft!! Gotta try this. It’s the best conditioning treatment I’ve done this far


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