Jump Rope Workout

I went to the gym and I did a 35 minute workout in the extra room. No classes were in session. When I get bored at the gym with my regular workouts I try to switch it up a bit. It makes things more exciting for me and it also gives me a better workout.

I started by stretching out my arms, legs, and neck. Next I just started jump roping. I have my IPod so it keeps me entertained and some songs I really get in the mood.

In between my jumping when I need to catch my breath, i’ll do exercises. I have a yoga ball so one time i’ll do 15 ab crunches and 10 side ab crunches… Then jump-rope again. This is great cause our abs contract when we are jumping so throwing in some abs definitely gave me a better workout.

I also had two 12 pound dumbells, so the next time I stopped, I did leg lunges across the room with the 12 pounders. Then I would do squats in place, without the dumbells. AND JUMP AGAIN.

Every time I needed to catch my breath I did leg lunches and squats, or abs. Pinterest has good exercises to do in between and also if you have an Android Phone or IPhone then you can download a free workout app to get different ideas for side exercises.

My focus was some good cardio and a leg workout so I focused on my legs and abs.

Jump rope, abs, lunges and squats for 35 minutes. I was sweating…


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