Why We Should Quit Smoking Before You Turn 40

Just think having 10 years of your life taken away from you because you decide to smoke. No no no. Smoking is the worst thing anybody can do to themselves to age the fastest.

I’m reading an article and it says proven research has been studied that when people stop smoking before their 40 yrs old, they can regain all those years back that they lost from smoking. It was a comprehensive analysis of the health and death records in the United States.

As a consultant for Rodan + Fields Dermatologists , smoking causes our vessels in our face to rupture. I read skin care books given to me by the company and Rodan + Fields make it a point that smoking does no good for our skin. Smoking takes vitamin C from our body and reduces blood flow to the skin. I have a few friends that smoke and their skin is quite different from mine and people that don’t smoke. I can see the red veins, and their face has an uneven redness tone, and not to mention, on the dry side too. It’s very common for the mid face to become discolored and thickened due to smoking. Our skin represents how we take care of ourselves internally as well. Having beautiful skin goes back to the French. Beautiful skin is an asset.

I’ve dated two guys that smoked and I had to stop dating them. It was gross and their PH balance was off. Which affected me if we were intimate. Healthy people tend to find helathy people when looking for a partner. I’ve learned and now I know that I’m much happier with someone who doesn’t smoke 🙂

Smoking is a bad habit and we can break our bad habits. All it takes is some time and effort. It takes 60 days for our bodies to acclimate to a new routine. So if we suck it up we can get over it. Exercising can help you overcome cravings. Just by going for a walk you’ll be more energized and feel great. I don’t smoke but I know when it comes to doing what’s best for our bodies, my will power comes into play. God gave me one body so I’m going to treat it well.

Eat healthy and exercise and it will definitely show. That will be motivation to stay active and maintain a healthy diet. See ya’ll soon!


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