One Hour Workout Last Night

So I was reading online, I found out that when we work out, it should only be between 20-60 min. Anything below that or anything above that doesn’t help you achieve your goals. And here’s why.

I was noticing that I was working out couple times a week and sometimes my workout would go for as long as two hours. There would be some days where I would eat so much cause I was hungry. People were amazed at how much I can eat and still be so petite. Our bodies crave food when we overwork ourselves. We worked out so hard that we need to replenish our muscles and give it energy to heal… So now my workouts are staying within 20-60 minutes only. I’ve been doing this for the past week and my eating habits are much more smoother 🙂

First of all I’d like to post some pictures of myself doing these workouts but I had no one to take pictures of me; so I’m working on that and it will come soon 🙂 I wasn’t going to post this until I had pictures but I thought I should anyway. These pics aren’t of me, but you get the idea.

This was MY ONE HOUR WORK-OUT last night

1. 20 minutes of the Elliptical


2. Then I did the Quad Machine: 3 sets of 20; 40 lbs


3. Next I did the Hamstring Machine: 3 sets of 20 (30 lbs for 12 and 20 lbs for the rest)


I’m about 35-40 minutes into my workout now….

4. After the Hamstring I did the Low Back Extension: 3 sets of 25 (105 lbs)


I then decided to alternate on the cable machine. Working on my biceps and triceps

5. Bicep Curl –> 3 sets of 20 (1st set 30 lbs and the next two sets 20 lbs)

Tricep Pull Down –> 3 sets of 20 (35lbs)

Generally when we work our back we’ll work on our biceps because those two are sub muscle-groups. But I already worked my back so I tend to change my routine around.



ONE HOUR EXACTLY. After some stretching when I was done


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