LoziLu MudRun March 23, 2013

Yesterday I did the Women’s LoziLu MudRun to support cancer. It was a 5K so three miles. The LA Marathon was 26.2 miles.


This was my first MudRun, I had a blast 🙂

There is an OC Color Run coming up on may 11th. It’s also a 5k and we start out by wearing a white t-shirt and end up with a with bunch of different colors.

The reason why I chose to do the MudRun is because it was in the mud. I broke my tibia bone in half five years ago so running on cement is a lot of pressure. Mud, sand, or grass I’m all for it. Sign me up!

Running is high impact so it’s going to be more pressure on our joints. Low impact cardio is actually the best for a relaxed fit look. I’m a consultant for
Rodan + Fields Dermatologists so of course I’m interested in Anti-Aging. Running for many years tends to make our skin look more droopy. Think about this way.

Every time you run your body is forced in an up and down movement, and if your running on cement it’s worse cause the absorption is minimal. Our skin actually begins to tear away from our bones as we constantly perform these types of exercises. Runners also have less body fat, and that’s what Botox and other fillers try to do. Fill in for the fat that’s been lost.

Swimming, bicycling, elliptical, and yoga are great ways to get a low impact cardio session in. Along with some strength training and diet, you can still achieve the body your looking for. You’ll look relaxed and healthy.

Here is one more picture of me crawling through the MudBath. So fun. I was sore and still a little sore from all the obstacles I had to do. Great workout. It was $45. The OC ColorRun coming up is $45 right now and price will go up to $50 April 2nd.



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