Push Ups Before Bed

I just did 13 push ups on my knees. I go all the way down and all the way up with my body completely straight. It’s really not a lot. I’m going for the slim-toned look, and by doing this every night i notice the difference. Believe or not I actually have the Shake Weight too. Haha I do that every so often too.

I can either not do any push-ups, or do 13 before bed. Piece of cake! Lets all do 13 before bed starting tomorrow night. I’ll post up on here when I do 13 before bed.

I also went Salsa Dancing tonight for about two and half hours. Sounds like a lot but it goes by super fast. It’s fun, active, and challenging.

Well it’s bed time now. Sometimes before bed if I’m a little hungry, i’ll make a protein drink. It’s perfect. Our bodies absorb the most when we are sleeping. That’s why it’s so important to have a regular sleep patterns. Regular sleep patterns cure irregularities. It can help cure Acne, reduce stress levels, help to cure depression, increase sexual drive, cure dark circles and puffiness, and it just rejuvenates everything in our body.


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