Lumosity Update


I previously made a post about how I started Lumosity training.

Lumosity measures our brain power index (BPI) and increases it over time as we continue with the short 10 minute exercises on their website. The exercises consist of games such as: spatial recall, switching tasks, arithmetic for analysis skills, remembering names, and a few others.

I started my training about two months ago and my brain power has doubled. It’s amazing and I can tell the difference in my short term memory.

After my near death car accident five years ago, where I suffered a concussion and numerous other broken bones, I noticed that my memory has weakened. But thanks to Lumosity I’ve improved and feel back to normal and maybe even smarter. Thanks Lumosity!

I recommend this website to anyone wanting to exercise their brain and make it stronger. I workout four days a week and lumosity gives me a chance to work out my most important muscle; my brain.

I’m sure you’ve heard that by doing Sudoku and crossword puzzles we can keep our noggin strong and ready for any challenge to come our way. Need to figure out a tip? … Sure I got! … How bout do you remember your waiter’s or waitress’s name? …. I sure do! … What if a car quickly cuts you off? … Are you going to have the speed to make a quick reaction? …. Darn right you will!! Because you have the power. And so do I 🙂

Let’s be proactive in keeping ourselves healthy and strong.


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  1. shellylip says:

    Lumosity provides us with little facts of knowledge. I was just taking my training so here is one “Did You Know Fact” – “Through a process called synaptic pruning, newborns lose approximately 40% of their neurons by the time they reach adulthood.”

    And young kids always say the darnest things!! ….

    So by doing these exercises we are increases the number of neurons in our brains =)

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