Ab results


Well summer is coming and most of us want to get bikini ready or just ab ready. It’s hard to loose the pooch and i wanted to experiment. I mainly did this for my pleasure and to also be able to post a picture 🙂 HA!

So for two weeks I did different ab exercises and became just a little more strict on my diet. I just ate smaller portions since I already eat pretty healthy.


I focused on cardio and ab workouts. I did the elliptical, the stair master, jump rope, and runs in my neighborhood. I always switch up my routine cause it gives me an overall workout that I’m not used to. And that’s important! Variety. So my cardio is usually anywhere from 30-45 minutes, and I tighten my abs as I’m doing my cardio.

Killing two birds in one stone

The two abs workouts that focus on killing the pooch were:
The incline leg raises. Lay on an incline bench and grab a hold the top. Then with my knees at a 90 degree angle I raise my legs slowly up and back down. I did that 12 times. Rested and did it again for 2 more sets… So 3 sets of 12.

I then do regular crunches. Regular crunches are great and you could google different variations of them. I always no matter what incorporate abs workouts into my daily routine or gym appointments.

The number one most important thing I did was adjust my diet.

So here you see my results just after two weeks. It totally doable!


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