It’s Been a While..

… I received an email recently and it said my website was going to automatically renew. For the past year I was into it, in the beginning, and as time went on, I started getting bored with it. Maybe because I didn’t know about how to really blog. Or because I really didn’t have anything important enough that I can talk about. But either way I thought, “I shouldn’t cancel it, I mind as well make a name for myself.”

  • I was always stuck on what I should focus my Blog on. I read everywhere it says to focus on one thing. TO this Day I still haven’t figured that out. …. SO MY DECISION…. I can be a pretty random person sometimes and I decided, I’m going to just post what comes to mind. And who cares about anything else.

I’m a Sales Rep at Verizon Wireless and I like to work out. I have my B.S. in Business Marketing and I’m starting my MBA in Project Management January 6th.

  • SO this is my first post…

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