Yesterday’s workout

Yesterday was the first day I been to the gym in about 4 days. After Thanksgiving and eating quite a bit of food I needed a workout that would make me sweat and burn some calories.

So I went to LA Fitness and started in the spare workout room where no one was.

Grabbed a few things I was going to be using during my workout. (My jumprope, yoga mat, and ab ball)

  1. Stretched
  2. 20 sit-ups on the ab ball, 10 regular style push-ups along with 10 knee style push ups.
  3. Start Jump roping (I jump rope to a whole song so pick a good one)
  4. Then repeat number two and add in some jumping squats. (30)
  5. jump rope again (pick a good song) and repeat the process. Towards the end instead of jump roping I did 100 jumping jacks



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