Leg Workout

So a few days ago I had posted about my ab workout and said I would post about my leg workout so here it it: This was done on the same day as my prior workout

Leg Press machine =  30 reps and 3 sets  [95 lbs is what I use and sometimes I do one set at 105 .. you want your legs to be fatigue and to barely hitting count 30]

Hamstring = 15 reps and 3 sets [I usually do 10 reps at 45 lbs and reduce it by 10 lbs for the next 5. I push for 20 on my first set]

Inner and Outer thighs = 20 reps 3 sets [my inner thighs I’m at 90 lbs for the first set and 80 for the next two] [My outer thighs I’m at 70 for the first set and try to do that for the next two sets, if I can’t I’ll put it down to 60] BUT TRY!


Quads! = 20 reps 3 sets  [here at 45 lbs]

NO PAIN NO GAIN! Remember you want to be sore the next day because that means your muscles are repairing. I always aim to be sore… ALWAYS.

And always stretch after a workout. I even stretch in between my sets. When I stretch in between my sets I can be sure to finish the next set since my legs are stretched out and ready for another set.  Lactic Acid is what forms when your muscles feel tight and worked. Stretching helps release that tension and allow us to continue with our sets. AND FINISH STRONG!

After my workouts I always have protein. If I don’t eat then I’ll have my protein shaker with me to drink right after. It gives me 40 grms of protein and essential amino acids my muscles need for repairing. I use Isopue 100% Isolate Whey Protein.

DIET is so important when working out!! SUPER IMPORTANT! [Everyone’s body is different so what’s good for me may not be good for you] 


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