One Hour Workout Last Night

So I was reading online, I found out that when we work out, it should only be between 20-60 min. Anything below that or anything above that doesn’t help you achieve your goals. And here’s why. I was noticing that I was working out couple times a week and sometimes my workout would go for…

Morning lemon water

I start my mornings off with a full glass of water with fresh lemon. An antioxidant wake up call 🙂 I feel so refreshed after this. Here is a website of 10 reasons why we should start our day off with lemon water The benefits of Lemon Water

Post Workout

My calves are super sore from my jump rope workout yesterday. Just getting out of bed my body is craving this … This was so good and it’s just what I needed. I squeezed a little bit of chocolate syrup for the flavor.


Earlier I posted a fiber snack I ate with a photo. The reason why I posted that is because we all need to include more fiber and whole grains in our diet. One of the reasons why vegans don’t eat meat is because meat causes cancer. There’s been several studies done saying that too much…

Mid-Day Snack

I’m working today so this was my Mid-day snack. These are so good. An hour ago I had a salad. My next meal will be a can of tuna I made, with a piece of bread.

After Work-Out Snack

So today, after my workout, here is the type of protein shake that I made. Half a glass of Almond Milk Half a glass of Water One scoop of Protein Powder One teaspoon of Fiber Half a banana Little squirt of Chocolate Syrup … and an Ice Cube Blend it all in a blender… And if you’re…

New Year’s Update

Happy New Year! Question #1: Are you having issues snacking at the time you don’t want to? Speaking from experience I can tell that if you brush, floss, and use mouthwash, guarantee you are not going to want to snack like you did before. Your mouth is fresh, it’s clean, and who wants to mess with that?? Plus you’ll be…